Vic Chesnutt
Do you think it makes a difference?
I say yes

"....(So) raise your hand
And ask yourself a question
But make it the powerful one ......"

– Vic Chesnutt, from ‘Styrofoam’, 2003

Consider this question - what can you do to help artists with similar problems to Vic Chesnutt? How do we help them and maybe prevent the premature loss of another great one?

As a longtime fan of Vic's, and knowing how accomplished he was, it is difficult to find the words to express how I felt when I discovered that he committed suicide due to a combination of overly-high medical bills and depression.

Sadly, Vic is not the only one to suffer from these problems. Many musicians, particularly in the USA, where medical care is so expensive, can't even get health insurance.

HINT provide advice to musicians on how to
get health insurance.
If you're a musician, you may find this service useful.

Other Charities to Support

The charity Sweet Relief was founded to provide financial assistance to musicians who struggle to support themselves. Support is always appreciated and you can donate directly or support the cause by buying Vic's Sweet Relief 2 tribute album.

As Vic was an Athens (GA) musician, I also want to mention Nuci's Space here, a not-for-profit Athen's based organisation who provide support for musicians with emotional, physical or other problems.

Remember - ‘help is always at hand’ works, as long as we provide the hands.

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